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04 August 2006 @ 07:54 pm
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lupus_r on October 25th, 2006 05:35 am (UTC)
Application for Remus Lupin - Brief to humour character limits ^^
Played by: Alex
Contact: noirhowl@hotmail.com OR AIM-SothisReveur
Character Journal: lupus_r

General Character
Character name: Remus J. Lupin
Date of Birth: 10 March
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
School year: Fifth
Occupation: Student
Bloodline: Halfblooded

Height: 5,7"
Build: Lean, strong
Hair colouring: Blond-brown, leaning towards blonde in the summer
Eye colour: Bright blue

Noticeable features: He has thin lips that often turn to a pout, whether it's unintentional or not. He also has scarring across his body, but he takes great care to keep it hidden from the public.

Physical description: He's a bit awkward for his age, with large feet and slender hands. His nails have been bit to stubs and usually have dirt underneath. There's nothing too remarkable about his appearance, though there are times a month where he seems a breath away from being blown over. He is 'sick' a lot, and his complexion is either pale or flushed most of the time.

Played by: Jeremy Sumpter

Strengths: Remus is intelligent, observant, analitical and thorough. He is loyal to his friends and oddly stubborn. He can keep secrets and can lie most convincingly.

Weaknesses and fears: His weaknesses include chocolate, the Marauders, books, the promice of knowledge, being liked, adventures (though he won't admit it), soft kisses and pleading eyes. His greatest fears include Turning someone, killing someone, having someone know he's a werewolf, being outed as a werewolf, and losing his friends.

Future Aspirations: He knows, deep in his heart, that because of who he is, and because of the danger that he poses, he cannot have a future. He would have liked to work with the Ministry for cataloguing or information services, or he would have liked to be a Head Librarian at a presigious library in England somewhere. Curator of the British Museum would have been high on his list as well. However, if he lives and loves and has a place, he will be content.

General: Remus is quiet, reserved and calm. He has a sarcastic self-inflicting sence of humour, and has gotten used to being teased and bullied. He has stopped himself from wanting what he can't have, and as a result, admires it from afar. He likes colour, tea, photos, letters and warm blankets. He goes a bit loony and animalistic around the full moon. At norm, however, he's sensitive to light and colour, and has a bit of a photographic memory. He hates silver, pumpkin juice, full moons, fish and hard candies.

Sexuality: He doesn't expect to find someone who will love a werewolf, so he's keeping all his options open. ((I'm a SxR shipper, but he doesn't have to be..))

Character History
Parentage: Father is a wizard working for the Ministry, and his Mother is a muggleborn housewife.
Siblings: He is an only child.

General History: Remus was Turned when he was eight and spent a year and a half in St.Mungo's undergoing various treatments. His parents continue to search for a 'cure', though Remus has long given up on one. His father's side is from England, and his mother's is from France. Remus spent most of his years in England, and knows very little French. His family is not too poor, but the Lycanthropy research they secretly fund puts an increasing strain on their vault.
Jess: HP: JKR is my herotypo_queen on October 25th, 2006 07:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Application for Remus Lupin - Brief to humour character limits ^^

I really appreciate you applying, however, as you can probably see this rpg is a bit dead. I'd be prepared to get it going, only one thing obviously lacking is members... so, if you know anyone who would be willing to join this, tell them about it!!


timuraship on February 17th, 2013 11:59 am (UTC)
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