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04 August 2006 @ 01:08 pm
General Background  
Hogwarts is a safekeep from the oustide world were Voldemort and his followers are growing stronger and gaining momentum with every day that passes. Dumbledore has been headmaster of Hogwarts for four years now and has defended the school well, so that despite the disastrous times surrounding them, the school continues to prosper and encourage its students to fight against the idealogies of the radical racist party, known with fear as the Death Eaters.

This roleplay focusses mainly on the activities of the Hogwarts students and staff, however also includes their activities outside of school and allows other characters including wizarding families, death eaters and order of the phoenix.

The roleplay tries to remain cannon and will not directly oppose anything that is known for fact (except for the pre mentioned age changing).

Really, that is all, go ahead and apply.

Feel free to ask any questions.